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Our operations are focused on providing quality products to our customers, keeping in view the principles of honesty and reliability combined with hard work, in-depth know-how and satisfactory execution of commitments towards our suppliers and consumers. Our ability to successfully overcome commercial and technical challenges in this competitive industry has enabled us to develop a leading edge. The company also understands the market and enjoys large customer base comprising private, public and government institution. Customer's loyalty, timely services and superior quality are the hallmark of the company. We understand the need of consistent quality delivery and economical pricing, with our powerful international marketing experience, we an claim to be "The complete chemical Connection"
Backed by a vast experience, the company has ventured into the manufacturing of DYES INTERMEDIATES. The chemicals plant located at plot no. 502/4,5,6 G1DC, Ankleshwar, dedicated chemicals estate, 60 kms from Surat City. Adding value to our core product visualizing the demand of specialty products coupled with its superior quality and sound infrastructure base, the company has already captured the international market and is expanding its network with every passing day. The company has well equipped plant with latest equipments like Glass lined reactor, Cl reactor, S.S. reactor, MS rubber lined tile lined reactor, P. P. Filter press etc.
International business 90 % of the products manufactured are exported to various countries like USA, China, Switzerland, Europe, Germany, Japan, Britain etc.
We are member of common effeluent Treatment Plant established in the area aceredited with ISO 14001 certification. This is first of its kinds in the country. We supply entire effluent to the CETP through tankers for treatment. We have also installed Efficient Scrubbing System to contive air pollution. We are well concerned to health and safety, We therefor strictly adhere to safety norms in our premises.
The Group Subscribed as Member of
  • Enviro Technology Ltd. (ETP), GIDC, Ankleshwar
  • Bharuch Eco-AquoLtd., GIDC, Ankleshwar
  • Bharuch Enviro Infrasturture Ltd. (BEIL), GIDC, Ankleshwar
  • Ankleshwar Industries Association, GIDC, Ankleshwar
  • Basic Chemical Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council, Mumbai
  • Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturer Association, Ahmedabad
Mr. Rajubhai Patel
Mr. Bhupendra Patel
Mr. Pinakin Surani
Mr. Jayrambhai Patel
Mr. Hitesh Patel
-Marketing & New Development
-Purchase & Sales
-Environment & Safety
-Production Planing -R& D Quality Control
  • Halogenation
  • Nitrosation
  • Nitration
  • Reduction
  • Diazoliztion in Dilute acid & also with Nitrosyl sulphuric Acid
  • Animation by Reduction of Nitro & Nitroso Compounds
  • Sulfonation&Chlorosulfonation
  • Sandmayers Reaction
  • N-/O-Acylation
  • N-/O-Alkylation
Quality is our ultimate motive. It is our endeavor to provide an excellent quality. We apply total quality management approach in our business. We adopt system to test the products at every state to ensure consistent quality so that our customer get value added products. The advanced research & development helps the group to become the market leader in newly in-house developed Dyes Intermediates.
       Our quality control laboratory is were equipped with latest analytical and quality conative equipments like
  • High performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
  • Gas Liquid Chromatograph (GLC)
  • Thin Layer Chromatograph (TLC)
  • Auto Titrators
  • Potentioneter
  • Colorimeter
  • pH - Meters
  • Refractometer
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Moisture content kaul fresher Instrument

    Reaction Assembly to carry out all kind of reactions failling under our range of chemistry from 50 ml to 50 Lit. Autoclaves - I Lit to 20 Lit.